Walk ‘n’ Bike-In sound gallery outside the Nordic House, Reykjavík opens on the 20th of June at 17:00 and the outdoors installation continues until 31 July 2018. The Norwegian Ambassador Cecilie Landsverk will open the exhibition.

Walk ‘n’ Bike-In is a new version of Tulle Ruth’s project Drive-In of Sound Art which was first launched in 2013 in a rural district in Råde, Østfold in Norway, where plenty of cars pass by during the summer. At first, Tulle Ruth started a minor contemporary art gallery there and thought she would get plenty of visitors. However, the car drivers wouldn’t bother to stop and have a look. The idea occurred to develop the very first Drive-In of Sound Art next to the road. The driver could easily access the gallery by placing the car along the Drive-In, open the window and listen to some of the most profiled sound artists and in this way experience the trip, sounds and landscape in new ways. The project now celebrates a 5-year anniversary and has undergone several developments. At each new location the Drive-In appears in a new sculptural form relating to local context and history, and new artists are invited in each time. Since its start in 2013 the project has so far presented 50 Nordic and international contemporary sound artists. Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with the Nordic House, the concept was transformed to a Walk ‘n’ Bike-In sound gallery.

The artists featuring are Maia Urstad, Siri Austeen, Tine Surel Lange and Luca Forcucci (NO), Trine Hylander Friis, Flopper, and Ane Østergaard (DK), Joonas Siren (FI), Anna Hedberg and Signe Liden (SE), Thurid Jonsdottir, Hafdís Bjarnadóttir and Konrad Korabiewski (IS).

More info: http://nordichouse.is/en/event/sound-art-walk-n-bike-in/ and www.galleriruth.com Supported by: