Stateless, CD Album. Released by BSBTA/d’Oorhinge l’Orange.

Stateless, Korabiewski’s full length debut, is itself a selection of recordings done between 1998 and 2008. And yet, the resulting album is a surprisingly flawless opus. The album’s title signifies Korabiewski’s own sense of ”disbelonging”, and, stylistically, Stateless does – rightfully so – combine moody Eastern European lo-fi-meets-hi-fi dance music with Scandinavian idiosyncrasies. Pixie-dust beats, zany synths and warped broadcasts from the Planet Lodz, forming avantgarde electronic pop music pieces for techno- happy melody fiends and interstellar noise/drone buffs alike.

In addition to eight such tracks (plus a curious interlude), the handsomely packaged CD contains a remix by none other than German lap-pop superstar Schneider TM. Furthermore, a video, Slowloop, can be found on the disc (viewable on any computer with a CD drive.)

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