Komplex is a forthcoming vinyl album by Roger Döring (Dictaphone/Moser/Meyer/Döring) and the award-winning multimedia artist Konrad Korabiewski, released by the German sound art label Gruenrekorder in collaboration with Skálar | Sound Art | Experimental Music , East Iceland.

Flucht | Komplex from Konrad Korabiewski on Vimeo.

The project was created over two years in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland and in Berlin, Germany, and is an evolving conversation between Döring’s improvisation on acoustic instruments such as clarinet and saxophones, and Korabiewski’s electronic live treatment and composition with Döring’sounds. A third compositional element is contributed by the particular ambiences of the spaces in which the recordings took place, as Korabiewski and Döring came together to record at sites with personal and acoustic resonance, from Döring’s apartment in Berlin to an abandoned herring factory by the sea in east Iceland.

In concert, Döring and Korabiewski deepen their musical dialogue, using live electronics to treat and highlight the physicality of acoustic improvisations on clarinet, saxophone, and accordion. Komplex, release concert, Ausland, 11.06.2014. 20.30 uhr.