I am pleased to announce the premiere of a new audio-visual work NS-12 at the Institute for Music and Acoustics at Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe 15th of May 2014, 8 pm. NS-12 is a collaboration with the Icelandic filmmaker Kristján Loðmfjörð.

Through sound and image, NS-12 portrays the fishing trawler Gullver, based in Seyðisfjörður East Iceland.
The trawler is designed to withstand the heaviness and roughness of waves and weather as a self-contained world on its own, and functions as both an individual and collective space within the constant sensation of motion on the sea. For the people working on board, the ship might be seen as a tool, but it can be artistically perceived as a living organism, as a musical instrument triggering the senses, and as a visual landscape of textures and colors. The audio-visual work captures everyday situations and practices by applying an expressionistic approach for an experimental outcome.
It communicates the human spirit, essential for the on-board experience with the heavy rolling of the ship and the ceaseless sound of the engine. The piece is for 8 audio channels and 1 HD projector, 52 min.

NS-12 printstill 1The original soundscape for the work is realized as a contemporary composition where all the material is sourced from reality, whereas the imagery is mainly based of still-life recordings where visual perception shines above realism. Together the two mediums explore the complete body of the ship to capture the essence of the steel, a visually intriguing labyrinth where each room has it’s own way of carrying the sound from the engine.