Exclusive contribution for the Polish SOUNDPLAY 2014 compilation CD. Flucht by Roger Döring and Konrad Korabiewski from the internationally acclaimed vinyl album Komplex ( Skálar001/Gruen 126). Soundplay 2014 album contains a collection of recordings by artists who visited Gdańsk within the framework of Soundplay Festival which took place on 24-29 June 2014. Some of the compositions were created during the festival and can be treated as a sound documentation of the events.

Among other artists contributing are also: Anna Friz (CA/US), Christina Kubish (DE), BJ Nilsen (SE), Jana Winderen (NO), John Grzinich (EE/US), Kacper Ziemianin (PL), Martyna Poznańska & Jacob Eriksen (PL), Porcje Rosołowe (PL), Rudy Decelière (PL)                                                                                               More info: http://artandsciencemeeting.pl/?p=2478&lang=enhttp://www.skalar.is/soundplay2014-2015/  Review by Łukasz Komła for Nowa Muzyka: http://www.nowamuzyka.pl/2016/02/12/soundplay-2014/

Supported by: LOGOS_soundplay