This week, listen on air, online or download the “Trilogy for Night and Radio: Radiotelegraph/Night Fall/Relay“, a three-part sound work by Anna Friz and Konrad Korabiewski. The work uses the intimacy of radio to reflect upon conditions of remoteness, fellowship across distance, and the fragility of human signals.

“Trilogy for Night and Radio” is the prologue to the four part “The Remote Series”, created by internationally acclaimed artists working with sound. Each is asked to consider an aspect of the idea of ‘remoteness’, or the experience of distance.

Subsequent episodes in “The Remote Series” will air in Australia on Radio National in late winter early spring 2015:

the remote series#1 by Tumi Magnússon (Iceland)
the remote series#2 by Fernando Godoy M (Chile)
the  remote series#3 by Christina Kubisch (Germany)
the  remote series#4  by Jana Winderen (Norway)

“Trilogy for Night and Radio: Radiotelegraph/Night Fall/Relay” is produced by Skálar FM for the Creative Audio Unit with additional support from the Danish Arts Foundation, the Danish Composer’s Society, radioCONA, Kultural Center Tobačna 001, and Skaftfell Center for Visual Arts.